New Malaysian Business Partner For Lean Six Sigma Training and Consultancy (Meridian Biz Management)

Meridian Biz Management has been officially launched in the month June 2009 and it offers a range of Six Sigma, Lean, Quality and Soft Skills Training and Consultancy Programmes. Meridian Biz Management is also called MBizM Malaysia. Managing Directors of MBizM, Dr. Satnam Singh and Mr. Harbans Singh are both Master Black Belts (MBB) and they have vast industrial experience in deploying, implementing, training and consulting in Six Sigma both in Malaysia and overseas.

MBizM’s mission is to help their customers to design strategies, approaches and breakthrough processes through the execution of Lean, Six Sigma and Quality Methodology, and thus turn the customer’s organization into a leader in its field. Furthermore the vision of MBizM is to be known as an innovative and creative centre for delivering effective Business Process Improvement training courses and consultancy service.

MBizM was founded to improve the competitive position of its customers by promoting the implementation of Business Process Improvement Methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean whilst equipping the participants with a range of quality management tools and soft skills. MBizM is a young and dynamic company where the company was founded by individuals that were actively involved in a wide range of projects in organizations from the industrial, service and public sectors.

MBizM provides expertise in practical tools, techniques and methodologies for attaining and maintaining competitive position and quality leadership. MBizM provides tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs while delivering world-class services in areas of Lean Six Sigma. MBizM’s trainers have decades of experience in delivering these courses in various industries in Malaysia and Overseas. Courses are delivered by certified consultants who have spent years in industry,solving real-life problems in organizations. MBizM’s courses are designed to be dynamic that are combined with theory, lectures, case studies, exercises, games and workshops.

Dr. Satnam’s vision is that all Six Sigma Green and Black Belts must be fully equipped not only with technical and statistical tools but alsowith a range of soft skills such as project management, leadership skills, communication skills, presentation skills etc. so that they can become more confident in handling large scale projects on a global scale. Thus, MBizM’s Six Sigma training courses are tailor made for industries incorporating a range of Lean, Quality and Soft Skills subjects.

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