MBizM™ Six Sigma Awareness

Six Sigma Awareness Course

The Six Sigma Awareness Course is designed for managers at executive level, and it is designed to raise awareness of what Six Sigma is about, and how the leading Six Sigma companies are achieving high performance results.

The success factors for achieving these results are presented and discussed along with the roles and responsibilities of the company. This programme is developed to encourage the candidates to be responsible for the development of Six Sigma Implementation in their respective organizations.

This course is designed for Managers, Senior Leaders and Executives who are responsible for designing and implementing corporate wide Six Sigma improvement initiatives.

Duration : 1 Day

Course Content / Curriculum

  • Importance of Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Process – DMAIC / DMADV
  • History of Six Sigma and Adopters
  • DMAIC Methodology in Full
  • Understanding Voice of Customers (VOCs)
  • Developing Project Charters
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Six Sigma Teams
  • Selecting Black, Green and Yellow Belts
  • Roadblocks for Six Sigma Implementation
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Project Teams
  • Roles in DMAIC
  • Tools in DMAIC
  • Deliverables in DMAIC
  • Mitigating Risks using FMEAs
  • Project Documentation
  • Project Ownership
  • Project Monitoring
  • Influence of Champions over Six Sigma Teams
  • Six Sigma Project Training and Coaching
  • Characteristics of Tollgate Reviews
  • Financial Impacts – Hard & Soft Savings
  • What Can Go Wrong in Projects
  • Cost Benefits Analysis in Projects
  • Project Selection using Fishbone Diagrams
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